Okay, you all know the deal. It's about capturing those pieces of speak that are f-in amazing out of context. We want only those heard or overheard directly. It's up to the poster to give as much or as little info as desired. Rock on...


"i hate that guy. he's just like an un-educated, less charming version of me."

hey so what say we give this bad boy some new blood? i feel like we're slipping in our old age and maybe some new members will bring this back to life. how do i get new people access?


Blogger umfufu said...

who you want on this bitch?
i was thinking of inviting Isaac a while ago, btw.

11:08 PM

Blogger joshua said...

dude of course isaac. i was talking to sarah when i was in minneapolis and lisa & judy would also probably be dope.

9:39 AM


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