Okay, you all know the deal. It's about capturing those pieces of speak that are f-in amazing out of context. We want only those heard or overheard directly. It's up to the poster to give as much or as little info as desired. Rock on...


"he's the kind of guy that leaves that little "Windows" sticker on his laptop."


Blogger umfufu said...


9:10 AM

Blogger joshua said...

seriously dude. its like my most hated thing ever. like i want to yell at them and be like "WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU TAKE THAT OFF?!"

12:25 PM

Blogger umfufu said...

i also hate those little plastic screen protectors that come on electronics... TAKE IT OFFFFFFFFFF.


9:49 AM

Blogger joshua said...

SERIOUSLY!!! dude i fucking actually saw this guy recently rocking an old laptop that still had that shit on the screen. the corners were totally folded/rolled down like several inches and there was like dirt and rocks and shit stuck to it but he still wouldnt take it off.

5:16 PM


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